Goodbye for now

Hey there~
Over the passed year I’ve found myself drifting away from this blog because of three reasons:

• Everyone wants me to post reviews on Kpop releases.
I don’t like Kpop, and I don’t follow the Kpop world, so receiving requests to review Korean releases were… I don’t want to say annoying, because then it sounds like I’m trashing the people who made the requests, so I’ll say tiring. And if I were to review it, the results would most likely be unfavorable, as I would be reviewing something that I had no interest in.

• I listen to mostly older Jpop and Cpop albums and singles
Every once in a while an artist will release something that I’m into, but for some reason none of the more recent releases have grabbed my attention, and I highly doubt people want to read reviews on an album/single/song that came out four years ago.

• I felt constricted when it came to what I could post
Any post that I put out there had to be a review on a Japanese or Chinese release, and after a while it became stifling. I’m the type of person where I like a little bit of freedom and chaos in my life, and having to stick to two different posting subjects became tiresome after a while. So it makes sense that I would start to lose motivation to keep the site running.

I don’t know if I’ll return, but I’m not deleting this blog. I’ll keep it up here just incase. Until then~


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